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Welcome to John Scottorn for Driving Lessons in Louth and all surrounding villages. Pass plus courses and advice on Driving related topics


Edexcel - advancing learning, changing lives

Edexcel - advancing learning, changing lives

I have just received my results, and I have passed the Level 4 B-TEC in COACHING FOR DRIVER DEVELOPEMENT. The course has taken twelve months, and has been very demanding but the benefits are huge, the effect it has on the way I teach people to drive in Louth and the surrounding area is massive.  All my students who are having driving lessons in Louth, are finding the relaxed teaching methods and the coaching tools I use benefit and speed up the learning process.

So for the latest teaching practices, A modern approach to learning to drive, do not hesitate, call today on 07986 026 307


Joy J

After having a really bad experience from a few driving lessons 16 years ago I thought that I'd never have the confidence to get behind the wheel again. Here I am though, learning to drive with John Scottorn!

Right from the moment I made the phone call John made me feel totally at ease. My lessons are really enjoyable and John has this amazing way of teaching me things about driving while making the whole experience fun and calm.
I would strongly recommend John to anyone wanting to learn to drive especially those who are nervous about learning. Everything is done at your pace and nothing is forced upon you.
Thanks to John Scottorn for helping me regain my lost confidence and for being such a fantastic, funny and patient instructor.


Are you worried about your children driving on today's roads? 

If so, get the best up-to-date teaching methods, the Driving Instructing Industry is changing, and changing fast.  So to get the best out of your Driving Lessons in Louth and the surrounding areas, it is vital that you have all the tools at your disposal to pass that Driving test as quickly as possible.  You might want to think before going for the cheapest Driving Lessons, Why are they so cheap? Cars do not get any cheaper, and fuel certainly does not.  So to make a profit the cheap lessons will not be doing much driving.  They might even add extra lessons on to cover the cheap ones.  My GUARANTEE is you will be actually driving within the first fifteen minutes of getting to the training area.

Does the thought of your children being on the Motorway scare you? We will ensure that they have a good understanding of what is required, and we also offer a pass plus scheme to them post test where we can practice all aspects of Motorway driving. Call for details and get them booked in for a "Motorway Safety Check" before they head off to Uni.

Do you want your children to be safe drivers on today's modern road systems and the ever changing traffic situations? Make sure your children get the best, up-to-date teaching methods available and ensure their safety. 

Book in now with John Scottorn 07986 026307. 

We are offering Driving Lessons in Louth and surrounding areas, our driving lessons are tailored to your needs, with your personal safety in mind whilst learning, and for the rest of your driving career.

Driving Lessons in Louth, are demanding with the tight streets many hills and the high speed by-pass.  Learning to drive in Louth and the surrounding areas will equip anyone with the skills required for safe driving.

A good solid understanding of today's road networks is a must.  We strive to provide all our students with a sound understanding of correct decision making in respect of safe driving for life.


Restoring your confidence after having an accident.

If you have had an accident then there is a real risk of a loss of confidence.  A few hours retraining, reflecting on just how and why the accident occurred can prevent a similar accident happening again.  A course in Defensive Driving, picking up some advanced driving tips will make you a safer and more confident driver.  Once your eyes are fully opened to the risks, and a better understanding of how to prevent those risks developing into crash situations, so your confidence will be restored, and the roads will be safer for everyone.

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